By | February 15, 2017

Washington Examiner The FBI does 'not reach conclusions' in sexual misconduct investigations, Joe Biden said in 1991 Washington Examiner A video from 1991 found by NTK Network reveals that former Vice President Joe Biden , D-Del., then a senator, pushed back on the notion that the FBI would reach any sort of conclusion from an investigation. Biden made his comments while he was chairman  Biden in 1991: The FBI 'Do Not Reach Conclusions' When Investigating Sexual Misconduct – NTK Network NTK Network

RT Joe Biden calls Trump supporters the 'dregs of society' RT The president eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., said this time “ creepy Joe's ” comments “went too far”. Biden says he'll decide in January whether he'll run for president in 2020. He did reply “thank you” to the supporters who yelled “run Joe !” at the end Joe Biden Did Not Call Trump Supporters the 'Dregs of Society' — Despite Don Jr.'s Claims Donald Trump Jr. Says Joe Biden Went Too Far in Calling Trump Voters 'Dregs of Society' Newsweek WATCH: Joe Biden Says 'They're a Small Percentage of the American People, Virulent People, and Some of Them the Second Nexus Breitbart News  – The Western Journal  –

Joe Biden – Wikipedia

Joe Biden; 47th Vice President of the United States; In office January 20, 2009 – January 20, 2017: President: Barack Obama: Preceded by: Dick Cheney: Succeeded by

Creepy uncle Joe Biden 2020? – The Week

Official site of The Week Magazine, offering commentary and analysis of the day’s breaking news and current events as well as arts, entertainment, people and gossip

Joe Biden, We Need to Talk About the Way You – Gawker

This week the Vice President and Social Chair of the United States groped the wife of Ashton Carter as he was sworn in as Secretary of Defense. This was funny—Joe

Politico Dismisses Joe Biden’s ‘Hands-iness’ with …

In the desperate hope that countless photos and videos of former Vice President Joe Biden’s "handsi-ness" with women and children can be wished away, the far-left

Joe Biden says he would ‘beat the hell’ out of Trump if …

21/3/2018 · Former Vice President Joe Biden said he would "beat the hell out of" President Donald Trump if they were in high school …

Joe Biden 2020 Is A Terrible Idea In A Post-Weinstein

15/11/2017 · Joe Biden is a man looking for his moment. Behind those famous aviators, he’s surveying the landscape to see if 2020 might just be his year to fulfill

Creepy Joe Biden Invades Personal Space of Female …

While promoting his new book, “Promise Me, Dad: A Year of Hope, Hardship, and Purpose,” former Vice President Joe Biden invaded the personal space of NBC Stay

Democrats Silent On Biden’s Creepy Touching, Allegations

As men in positions of power continue to fall like dominoes over allegations of varying forms of sexual misconduct, some men have managed to elude the media’s

Man Asks Joe Biden ‘Why Did You Molest All Those …

It’s not secret that former Vice President Joe Biden has, well, let’s call it an "issue" with women. There are enough examples out there of Biden’s handsy behavior

Joe Biden is known to get “handsy” with women and girls

While this public image is generally good, those who know Biden in Washington claim his “handsiness” is well known. Creepy Uncle Joe. Democrats can cry conspiracy

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