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Wine – Plumpton College

As the UK’s centre of excellence for education, training and research, we’re the only Higher Education facility in Europe that offers you a broad range of University

Plumpton College – Further and Higher education college

From Blacksmithing to Agriculture, Equine Management to Wine Production – Plumpton College has the course for you…

Sparkling wine production | WineSkills

Different methods of sparkling winemaking; Method Advantages Disadvantages; Traditional Base wine is bottled with sugar and yeast & secondary fermentation occurs in

Colloids | WineSkills

Particle Size Description < 2 nm: Simple molecules such as alcohols, sugars and acids. These form solutions in the wine, are a necessary part of its structure and

Latest on English wine from – Decanter

English wine is increasingly recognised as a premium wine producing region; English sparkling wine specifically is highly praised for its quality…

Our Story – Flint Vineyard

The story behind the creation of English wine producer, Flint Vineyard

Oenology – Wikipedia

Oenology (enology; / iː ˈ n ɒ l ə dʒ i / ee-NOL-o-jee) is the science and study of wine and winemaking; distinct from viticulture, the agricultural endeavours of

Snapshot of gin as it’s crowned the king of Christmas

The gin renaissance has been in full swing for some time now, but new data has confirmed its position as the major cause of excitement – and growth – in…

2018 Governor’s Cup Gala – True to Our Roots – Virginia Wine

The Virginia Wineries Association, in partnership with the Virginia Wine Board & the Virginia Vineyards Association, is pleased to announce the 2018 Virginia Governor

BI and Michael Spencer acquire 25% stake in Battersea’s

Fine wine and rare spirits merchant BI, and its chairman, Michael Spencer, have acquired a joint 25% stake in Westmorland Spirits, the owner of…

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