Month: October 2016

Governance | Lfutures


Resources produced by these projects are aimed at developing the knowledge and understanding of leaders and governors so that they can address issues relating to implementing institution-wide technology for learning. Projects that major on this theme have been listed first; but you will also find that governance features in the related projects listed below. PLEASE NOTE: …

Engaging with employers | Lfutures


Abingdon & Witney College has worked with employers to explore how learning technologies can be used to secure work experience and work placements and increase employment opportunities for learners. Please also review the related projects from Peta Ltd and Furness College (the latter working directly with BAE systems) that are sharing processes and resources to develop specific skills required by the …

lfandy | Lfutures


A comprehensive series of webinars, activities and research to enhance understanding of learning technologies Project leads, project champions and technology experts share their expertise and ideas Key learning, processes, frameworks and resources to support leaders, managers and practitioners to get the most from learning technologies. Link into your professional network Digital approaches to English & …