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Heart of Worcestershire College

This project has created an online resource to help governors understand and address the issues of implementing institution-wide technology for learning.

Read the report to find out how, by harnessing models, processes and resources provided by three sector leading colleges, this resource can help your organisation move towards achieving 10% learning online.

Final report

  • Set the vision and strategic direction of learning technologies across your organisation;
  • Enable informed decisions to be made around investment, innovation and the development of technology.

Heart of Worcestershire College | LfuturesListen to the principal of Heart of Worcestershire College introducing the resource.

“If we are going to enable our young people to achieve the skills and qualifications they need, we can’t do it without learning technology and, as such, it becomes the responsibility of all governors.”

Sue Fowler, Governor, Heart of Worcestershire College

Heart of Worcestershire College | LfuturesJump in and explore the online resource.

The Home page (see image) can be accessed at any point in the resource by clicking the circle icon seen top right.


The Mastering Governance resource was produced using Articulate Storyline. To access the source files, unzip the download and click on ‘story.html5’

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