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A staff CPD programme to develop teachers’ skills in designing and applying blended learning tools and techniques to their own practice. The project developed an online Moodle course called ‘BlendingIn’ plus a ‘Tools for Blended Learning’ course that contains a series of practical ‘how to’ guides for staff.

Read the final report to learn about the process that the team deployed to bring about a ‘culture shift’ in the use of learning technologies. Discover how 60% of staff that completed the CPD programme felt that it enabled them to effectively support learning through the use of social and collaborative media.

Final report

  • Use blending learning to monitor, motivate and track learners working online;
  • Develop skills and confidence in the use of Moodle and Google tools for blending learning;
  • Deliver blended learning CPD sessions to teachers.

Lewisham Southwark College | LfuturesWatch this short video outlining the development, impact and future of the BlendingIn resource.

“The course is very useful and provides practical tips about making a blended learning course. The practical assignment ensures that the theories learnt are put to use, and I am still revisiting those concepts after completion of the course.”

Tutor, Cohort 2

Lewisham Southwark College | LfuturesBlendingIn has the following core components:

  • An online Moodle course called BlendingIn that introduces the concept and principles of Blended Learning;
  • A CPD programme including a Moodle course featuring ‘how to’ guides;
  • An Individual Skills Audit.

Take a journey through this introductory website that includes details about the project, the three main outputs (above), and introductions, explanations and downloadable assets.


(Please note that links to individual course components are listed in the resource section of the final report.)

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Online BlendingIn Moodle Course set-up instructions

Online BlendingIn Moodle Course – Download Backup

Tools for Blended Learning Moodle Course – Download Backup