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This project developed an online CPD tool that shows how to create video assessment feedback using Screencast-O-Matic.

Read the final report to find out how this approach reduced staff marking time whilst improving the quality, quantity and focus of feedback provided to learners.

Final report

  • Use Screencast-O-Matic to provide targeted feedback to students;
  • Change the qualitative nature of feedback;
  • Improve student perception and use of feedback.

Oldham College | LfuturesWatch two tutors talking about the impact video assessment has had on their students.

“Students don’t understand the nuances within written feedback, whereas when they listen to our voices and the way we talk things through, they find out exactly what we are trying to get across to them.”


“I prefer this feedback rather than written feedback as it is more personal to me and my writing. I can listen to the feedback over and over again to get the next part right.”


Oldham College | LfuturesJump into the CPD module and explore how to use video assessment.


To help you develop your own CPD programme, you can download this module which has been produced as a Xerte Learning Object.

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