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The project developed two toolkits:

  • A Strategic Planning Toolkit for leaders and governors including a 12-question self-assessment on the use of e-learning; an in-depth financial calculator of delivery costs/savings/investment levels and return on investment; and a risk assessment of action/non-action of inclusion of technology within a strategic plan.
  • A Practitioners’ ‘Getting Started’ Toolkit to develop the understanding, acceptance and use of learning technology by teachers, focusing on the use of VLEs.

Read the final report to see how the Strategic Planning Toolkit provides a mechanism for predicting potential savings over a three-year strategic planning period.

Final report

Support strategic leaders, governors and managers to:

  • Assess capabilities and understand actions required;
  • Calculate the return on financial investment made, determine future delivery implications, and compile a related risk register;
  • Assess the finance aspects of change and plan a three-year investment strategy.

Support staff to:

  • Understand the development and potential of learning technologies;
  • Develop the skills to use learning technologies inside and outside the traditional classroom.

“As a governor, it was a steep learning curve but very useful information.”

Strategic Planning Toolkit participant

“As a teacher, I now realise that using learning technology can reduce the time I spend on marking assignments…This means I can utilise my face-to-face contact time with learners to full advantage.”

Practitioners’ ‘Getting Started’ Toolkit participant

Plumpton College | LfuturesTake a look at this short presentation that introduces FELTAG and the wider technology landscape to better understand the consequences for curriculum design and delivery.

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