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Plumpton College, working with FE Sussex, the consortia of the 12 post-16 colleges in Sussex and three associate members colleges in Surrey.

PROJECT LEAD Tim Strickland

CEO of FE Sussex and Project Manager, Plumpton College

These early release resources provide you with examples of ideas and approaches that the project team is developing to facilitate the management and introduction of learning technology into organisations.

Project activity is divided into two strands, both of which respond to the FELTAG agenda.

Strand 1
Introducing leaders, governors and managers to the implications of strategic investment in learning technologies through the design of a strategic planning toolkit.

Strand 2
A toolkit for teachers to continually renew and utilise learning technologies in the classroom.

The resources being shared relate to the first strand.

To find out more about the project, how to implement the resources, and the impact they have had to date:

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